Nantucket Dog Walk Users!

As you can see, the website looks different. I'm sorry to say that as of today (January 27, 2018) I have to rebuild the whole site from scratch. Please bear with me as I try to reconstruct everything. I will start with the walks, so you can get back to discovering new places to walk your dog on Nantucket! 

​In the mean time, be sure to check out Nantucket Conservation Foundation
and Nantucket Land Bank  for maps to great walks! Or this book , which is how I found many of the great dog walks on this site.
One of the things I love most about Nantucket is the ability to walk everywhere. When I adopted my first dog 13 years ago, walking became that much more exciting (and necessary). 

Nantucket is abundant with beautiful places to walk, over many different terrains, and most places allow dogs. People think of our beaches (and we have plenty of great beach walks), but there are moors, forests, bike paths, and dirt roads to explore, too. 

Whether you are a long-time island resident or a first-time visitor (or a long-time resident with a first-time dog), this site will let you in on most of the best dog walking spots.

I’ve also included important Nantucket dog links and a few facts that you should know before you walk, as well as a blog about the joys that can be found by walking your dog on Nantucket.

Happy walking!