Barrett Farm Trails

Getting There


Nantucket Conservation Foundation Property
Nantucket Land Bank Property

Meadows, pond, beach

Little shade

Few dogs

One hour-1 1/2 hour walk
 ​Heading out of town on the Madaket Road, before you get to the dump, there is a road on the left called Barrett Farm Road. Cross over the bike path and instead of driving into the Nantucket Land Bank parking lot for Sanford Farm West, head down the dirt road. Follow this for about a half a mile and take the first left that you can actually take (there are some that are gated) onto Clark Cove Road (most of these roads are not marked). Follow this until you have to turn, which is a right. This last road dead-ends in a roped-off grassy road, but to the left of this rope is a parking lot. Park here.
This is my go-to Sunday walk for spring and fall. It can take up to 2 hours or so, depending on the trails you decide to take. Because there are so many options, I suggest you bring these Nantucket Land Bank trail guide: Barrett Farm Trails. However, disregard the parking instructions, as I took you another way to a different parking lot. There are interpretive signs along portions of this walk as well as mile-markers and arrows listing distances to different points, mostly from the Sanford Farm/Ram Pasture trails, but they will help you out, too.

The following route I describe is just one option. You’ll find your own favorite route, or you’ll switch it up each time. I park in the large lot, head down the grassy road (to the right if you are looking at the parking lot), which curves to the left about a 90 degree angle, and then I take the first mown grassy path to the right, which stretches beside Clark’s Cove. In Clark’s Cove, you will see egrets, blue herons, and swans. Ospreys, along with their babies, utilize the pole nests during the spring and summer. Harrier hawks are a common sight here, too. And the grassy lanes are a great place to find owl pellets.

After walking along the pond for a while, the path turns left. At the end of this path, when you must go either left or right, go right, which will take you to the beach. You will see a post and wire fence, with several openings that allow for beach access. It’s a gorgeous beach that is 99.9% of the time completely empty of people. 

Once at the beach, you can head back in a big loop to the parking lot, go back the way you came, or do some other trail that suits your fancy.