Dionis Beach

Getting There


Town Beach

Sandy Shore

Few Dogs

No shade

Take the Madaket Road heading out of town and look for Eel Point Road right after you see Cliff Road (both on your right). About one mile in, look for Dionis Beach Road, which will be on your right and is marked by a white rock that says Dionis.There is a pretty large parking area at the end of this road.
Get there before 9 am in the summer if you want a fairly quiet walk with your dog. From the beach path take a left. At low tide you can walk quite a distance. At high tide, a breakwater won’t be passable about 3/4 miles or so from the start.

This is a good walk if you have a dog who you are trying to train off leash. With the shore to the right and the high cliffs to the left, most dogs don’t have anywhere to go but straight along the beach with you.

The beach is hard-packed, which makes for easy walking. There are great shells and rocks, too.