Fortieth Pole Beach

Getting There


Nantucket Land Bank Property 

Hard Packed Beach

No shade

Few dogs

Getting to Fortieth Pole beach is half the fun of going. If you have a low-riding car, don't attempt this road. It's a sandy, non-graded road for at least a mile. To see a Land Bank map of this beach, go here .

To get there, take Madaket Road heading out of town, turn right onto Eel Point Road as if you were going to Dionis beach, and follow Eel Point Road until the pavement ends. Once on the sandy road, travel about a mile and look for a large sandy parking lot on your right (with a Land Bank Marker).  Park here and head down either of the two paths to the beach. Once at the beach take a left for a longer walk.
Fortieth pole is a popular out-of-the-way car beach in the summer, so if you are looking for solitude, it's best to hit this walk in the off-season (as is pretty much true of all of our beaches.) This is a north-facing beach, so gentle laps at the shore are the rule here. Dogs who are afraid of big waves can romp to their heart’s content at the water’s edge. Most dogs can run off-leash here, too, as there aren't many places they can go. 

This has been one of the best beaches for finding coins. Go after a wind storm and look especially around the different entrances to the beach. The coins will usually be sitting atop a sand “pedestal” created by the wind. 

If you have it in you, follow the beach around the bend to see a view of Eel Point and Tuckernuck Island.