Gardner Farm

Getting There


Nantucket Land Bank Property    

Grassy paths, some forest, wetlands

Some dogs

Half shade

45 minute walk

​Leash Alert: Some years, during the summer months, Hummock Pond has had some algae issues, issues that are hazardous to dogs. DO NOT let your dog drink from the pond!

Double Dip Options: Pair it with Millbrook .  

Take Hummock Pond Road out of town toward Cisco Beach. After you pass the road to Bartlett Farm and Cisco Brewery (on your left) and the fish store (on your right), start looking for a Nantucket Land Bank marker and parking lot on your right. Plenty of parking. Park here.

For more info on this property, go here .
This walk offers many different routes. It can be as long or as short as you and your dog have time and energy for. Come back again and again and do a different one each time. It actually is connected to the Millbrook Walk, so if it’s a Sunday or holiday and you’re looking for a longer walk, you can double up.

As you leave the parking lot, you can go immediately left, around a big grassy field with a mown path, or straight along a dirt path that will soon lead into a small forest. (As you can see from the Land Bank Map, the trails on this walk go every which way. Pick one and start walking. You can get lost, but not for long. If you reach the pond, just turn around and head back, as the pond is parallel to the road on which you parked.)

As you walk toward the pond, be sure to look for the Osprey nest, up on a high pole, which is inhabited in the spring and summer as the parents prepare for and then take care of the 2-3 babies. If you bring binoculars, you can see them building the nest and then bringing home grub for the babies.

Besides osprey, I have seen many deer here, even during the day, and I came across the largest snake I’ve ever seen on Nantucket, just basking in the sun on the trail. I’m quite sure it was a black mambo! (Just kidding, there are no poisonous snakes on Nantucket.)

If you head left at the Osprey next, you will loop around another mown field. When you have a chance to go left again, go straight instead. This will take you to another mown field and a boardwalk across the wetlands. In July look for the cat-o-nine tails in full bloom and stand and listen to the red-tailed black birds calling. Taking the boardwalk (only passable during dry times of the year) will lead you back to a short path through the forest, and then to the first field closest to the parking lot.

After the walk, stop in at Cisco Brewery for a beer or cocktail. Dogs, dogs, everywhere dogs. It’s a great, casual place for humans and canines to hang out and socialize.