Historic Downtown 

Getting There


Public Town Property

Paved or Cobbled Streets

Dogs here and there

Lots of shade

​Leash Alert: This walk is meant to be a leashed-up affair. You will be walking on sidewalks and streets, and as I’ve mentioned there is a leash law.


Park anywhere downtown.
Start at The Bean on India Street and grab your favorite iced or hot beverage (you may need to have your human walking companion hold onto your dog while you order). 

Once all dogs are leashed, meander the streets of historic downtown Nantucket. My favorite streets are North Liberty, Lily, Hussey, India. . .well, just about all of them. 
Stop and look at the architecture—the 12 over 12 windows, the transom lights above the doors, and the simple facades. A great book to bring with you is A Walk Down Main Street. The Houses and Their Histories.
If you make it out towards the end of North Liberty Street, there is a park called Lily Pond Park with boardwalks over the marshy wetlands. This park is #6 on the Land Bank Trail Map. It’s almost always empty of people and a quiet place to reflect. Nearby, passing through yet another Park (Coffin) off of Cliff Road, you will find Something Natural—great sandwich shop if it’s time for lunch! Dogs welcome.

Alternate Route by site visitor Peggy Pignato: Park your car on upper Main Street near Caton Circle. Walk to Barnabas Lane and enter. Turn right onto Woodbury Lane. Cross North Liberty Street and enter Lily Pond Park. Take the foot bridge to the right and exit onto Lily Street. Turn left onto Centre Street. Turn left and walk up the hill to Cliff Road.Turn left into Coffin Park before you reach Something Natural (unless you're hungry!). Exit Coffin Park at the Oldest House. Turn left and go down Sunset Hill. Turn right onto West Chester Street for a short distance. Cross the street and go into Wesco Place. At the end, enter Lily Pond Park from a path that starts at the split rail fence.  Bear right through the park and exit at North Liberty Street, where you originally entered. Turn left onto North Liberty Street. Continue onto Gardner Street to Main Street, taking a right to your car, or take a side trip (turn right before Main Street) through Howard Street by the Greater Light. Howard Street has a left turn that takes you back to Main Street.​