Historic Sconset

Getting There


Historic Sconset

Public Town Property

Neighborhood Streets

Some dogs

Some shade

Leash Alert: You will be walking along narrow town lanes that cars and pedestrians will be using, so this walk is a leash walk only.


To find this walk, head out of town on the Milestone Road and don’t stop driving until you come to the ‘Sconset rotary. Park here or in front of the store.
Start your walk at the ‘Sconset Market (only open during the season) and order up your cone of choice. Then, meander the historic streets of downtown ‘Sconset. Some of the best lanes are Front Street, Broadway, New Street, Center Street, and Shell Street. 

Almost every view in this little town is a picture post card, so don’t forget your camera: the antique fishing cottages of the Cod Fish Park Area, some of them dating back to the 1700‘s; lush flower gardens; climbing rose arbors; and quarterboards a’plenty!

Couple this walk with the Bluff Walk for an afternoon of stunning beauty that will be the highlight of any Nantucket day.