Milestone Loop Trail

Getting There


 Land Bank Property

Dirt and grassy paths

Lots of shade

Some dogs

Leash Alert: During some parts of the year there are sheep in the pasture. They are behind a fence, but if your dog would be the kind to jump such a fence, be sure to leash up.

Double Dip Options:

1) Pair it with the Holdgate Trails . To do this, walk out of the parking lot toward Milestone Road. Cross Milestone and head onto the path into Holdgates. Do a loop and head back over Milestone to your car.

2) Pair this with Shawkemo Hills for a REALLY long walk. When you get to the very farthest end of this loop, you come to some criss-crossing dirt roads. Go right, rather than left onto the dirt trail. One goes all the way to the Shawkemo Hills parking lot on Polpis Road.



Take the Milestone Road out of town. One mile from the Rotary, look for a left with a cobble apron. There is a horse caution sign shortly before the left. Drive in and park in this parking lot.
My go to walk on many days. Close to mid-island, and offers a lot of options. This walk can be as short as 1 mile or much longer.

From the parking lot, head toward the Land Bank sign and follow this path. You will pass by the water tower on your left and you can follow this loop for a little over a mile. It brings you back to the parking lot (you will see the water tower on your left), and take that left back to the parking lot trail. To ensure you are staying on the main loop, be sure to either take a left right after the sheep pasture or go straight, but then take a left at the end of that extra little path.

If you want a longer walk, take a right at the farthest point of the loop onto a dirt road. The farthest end of the main loop is actually a four way intersection. A hard left here takes you up a small pebbly hill onto the main loop path. A straight will take you out onto the Polpis Road. A right will take you all the way to Shawkemo Hills parking lot if you go straight the whole way. 

​A cute little update to the Milestone Loop trail: a fairy trail. Right in the parking lot, there is a loop trail, with signs. Bring your kids, some smooth stones, shells, and sea glass to build your own fairy fort, house, cottage or castle along this wooded lane.