Monomoy Beach

Getting There


Town of Nantucket

Sandy and hard-packed beach

No shade

Dogs, depending on the season



Take Milestone Road heading out of town and take your first left onto Monomoy Rad. Follow Monomoy Road until you MUST turn either right or left. Take a left and trun left into the parking lot. Then follow the path to the stairs.
In the summer, this beach will be populated with full-on picnic spreads, towels, kids, kayaks, boats, etc. So it’s better to go early morning or early evening if you are going in the summer. You will occasionally see a dog here at other times of the year, but it’s not the norm.

If you head left from the stairs, you have a short walk, depending on the tide. 

If you head right from the stairs, you will get a much longer walk, especially at low tide.

Either way you go, you have a complete and beautiful view of the harbor, its boats, the ferries, and the churches.