Shawkemo Hills

Getting There


Land Bank Property

Dirt Roads and Paths

About half shade

Few dogs

Leash alert: During and after deer hunting season, this walk can be littered with carcasses. If you have a dog who will sniff one of those out from miles away (and who doesn't?), be sure to leash up during those months.




Take the Polpis Road heading away from town. At 2 miles from where the Polpis Road starts, look for two white posts on your right, which signify the Land Bank parking lot. Park here.
This can be a moderately long walk or a very long walk, depending on how many of the paths you take. You will also experience some of the few hills we have on Nantucket.

Starting from the parking lot, one option is to take your first left. This path is narrow and leads you through small forests and slowly gains elevation (what elevation there is). You will be rewarded at the end of this path by a gorgeous water view. Once here, take a right onto the dirt road. When this dirt road takes a sharp left, you instead go straight, back onto the trail (between two wooden posts). This will take you back to the main path, where you take a right and walk back to the parking lot. 

For a longer walk, stay on the straight path from the parking lot until you come to a dirt road. You will go by a house (and a small neighborhood on your right). At this dirt road, take a left. Follow this dirt road for about 1/4 of a mile until you see a small clear path going into the shrubs on your left. Follow this path around a pond (on your right), gaining elevation, and ending at a dirt path. Take a left onto this dirt path. It will take you back to the main path, where you will take a right, which leads you back to the parking lot.

This being the middle moors area of the island, there are paths and dirt roads aplenty. If you are adventurous, try a new one each time you go.