Squam Farm

Getting There


Nantucket Conservation Foundation Property

Grassy paths, some forest, wetlands

Few dogs

Half shade

45 minute walk​

Double Dip Options: Pair it with Squam Swamp. To do so, stay on the main path. As you come upon a rectangular field on your left (if you've taken the loop trail counter-clockwise), you will see a clear path that goes to the left. Follow that path and that leads you into the Squam Swamp walk.



Take the Polpis Road leaving town until you get to Quidnet Road. Bear left onto Quidnet Road and quickly take a left onto Squidnet Road, which is marked with a rock. 

Follow this dirt road until you see the parking lot on the right. 
This is a beautiful walk with small forests of diciduous trees and meadows and fields.

The main loop trail will bring you past the old sheep fields, then by the barn, and back to the parking lot.

There is mainly one loop trail, but there are offshoots, too. Experiment by taking a few of them.