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Getting There


Nantucket Conservation Foundation Property

Dirt and gravel paths

No shade

Lots of dogs

Leash Alert: At the end of the path to the water, there is a very steep cliff down to the beach. Leash up if your dog doesn't have great recall. It's a long way down, and he or she probably wouldn't be able to get back up.​



Take Cliff Road, heading toward Madaket, and take a right into the very clearly marked parking lot right after 141 Cliff Road.
If you would like to give your dog some social time, this is the place to be. Certain times of day, usually around 4 or 5 pm, this place is crawling with dogs and their people. 

A simple loop trail with a "lollipop" path out to the water at the mid-point, this walk has gorgeous views of the sound.

I used to like this walk, and there are aspects to recommend it, like the poop bag dispenser, wide paths, and views. However, since they covered most of the trail with gravel, Ike can't stand it. It's just too rough on his feet.

But if you like being around other people and dogs—and you don't have a weenie for a dog like I do—this would be a good pick for a quick 20 minute walk.